Self Help

Change Your Perception

Perception is subjective, and we can change it. Changing how you see events is key to improving well-being. What follows is a list of practical techniques to do it. Thought patterns are habits, and like any habit, changing perception will take time and effort until better habits form.

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The Source of Emotional Pain— and How to Stop it

Most emotional pain is self-inflicted. People tend to unconsciously hurt themselves through destructive mental habits. With time, we can change these habits, and this can let us free ourselves of mental self-harm. Once we understand the cause of emotions and how we are creating them, we can change the mental patterns we have built.

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You Are Not Your Mind

You, the person reading these words, is not the same you as your mind. By “mind,” I mean our internal monologue. Also referred to as the voice in our head, our personal narrative, and our inner critic.

Realizing you are not your mind is key to overcoming fear and self-doubt, and a cornerstone of mental strength. However, it can only be learned by experiencing it for yourself.

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